This is probably the most delicious pasta dish I have ever tried since I first came here in the Middle East. This is easy to prepare yet very nutritious pasta recipe. This dish brings back memory of the time when me and my friends were enjoying our last moments together at Bahrain International Hotel in Manama, Bahrain. More

Room Service: Best Chicken Marinades

For all chicken steak lovers! Thanks International Bellhop Magazine!!!

International Bellhop Travel Magazine

ibellhop Best Chicken Marinades Recipes Room Service

Due to the overwhelming success of our recipe for the “Best Steak Marinade,” we have decided to follow-up on that recipe, and give our travelers our favorite chicken marinade recipes. Chicken is such a diverse protein that we couldn’t just divulge one of our favorite recipes — we gave up three great chicken marinade recipes that you can make from-scratch. These are three different recipes, with three very different tastes and results. We hope that you enjoy all of them, and we will be working hard to bring you more recipes, meals, and destinations you can enjoy… -- Old Pub Chicken Marinade Recipe

Old Pub Chicken Marinade – $

This recipe is great for Budget Ingredients and tastes great.
We love it because it really makes any chicken taste like very Good Pub-Style Chicken.
Use as a Quick Marinade before applying a wet batter.
Suggested uses: Chicken Strips, Chicken Skewers, Grilled Chicken,

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Valentines Day, A Love Story and Red Tres Leches Cake

I can’t imagine loving someone else again or having someone else love me again after almost thirteen (13) years of living alone.  And then it happens. Someone else loves me and I just cannot sleep well at night. The second time of falling in love with someone feels different. The first time I felt like it was a dream  I was  untouched, untainted by anyone. I accepted love with wide open arms and desperation. “Love me, love me, love me!” So he did and  then it fell apart and left me shocked to the core. I realized that people could be cruel and use you, break your heart and leave you. More

100th post, Fiesta Friday, and Pie

Thanks Novice Gardener for this Delicious Shepherd’s Pie!

The Novice Gardener

They say you should mark your 100th post with something special. They say that. Who are they? I don’t know, they are them, the people who say you should mark the 100th post special.

I could, for instance, post a GIF like this one, from passion & possibility:

Or create food art, a la Growing Up in the Garden:

Even do a 100th post giveaway, just as Mia Loves Pretty did:

(Hey, I just did Zero to Hero #23, with that roundup!)

To mark my 100th post, however, I decided to do something else. If you’re participating in the Zero to Hero Challenge, then you’d know that challenge #22 was to create a post and submit it to a blog event. I’ve done this many times already, and I can tell you first hand that my viewership always spikes each time I do it, even more so…

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I wake up this morning in a very cheerful mood.  Two days ago, we went to the Kingdom of Bahrain and spent two satisfying days of going around the malls and watching movies, going to our favorite coffee shop, buying cheap items in souk and going to our favorite Filipino supermarket.  I bought a lot of Filipino delicacies as they are very rare in my place.  And well, there are no cinemas here in Saudi Arabia and going to Bahrain means picking up through good old habits.  I opened the Ipad with a smile on my face, checked  on my Google+ friends while beaming a totally satisfied smile.  I have 5,695 followers so far  and the community where I am the moderator seems to be doing well. More

Chicken Shawarma

imageShawarma is  a lot like  Turkish döner kebab and Greek gyros and is almost similar to a taco but so different in many ways.  It is a popular gourmet sandwich that you can get at Middle Eastern restaurants.  Marinated chicken chunks are mounted on a large rotating skewer and then roasted slowly to perfection against a gas burning grill.

Chicken Biryani Fiesta

imageBiryani, biriani, biriyani, buriyani, beryani or beriani  is a rice-based dish made with spices, rice (usually basmati) and chicken, mutton, fish, eggs, or vegetables.   The name is derived from the Persian word beryā(n) (بریان) which means “fried” or “roasted”.   It was brought to India by Muslim travellers and merchants from Persia. It is one of the most famous dish in the kitchen of the Mughal Emperors. It is very popular in South Asia and is a key element of the South Asian cuisine. Hyderabad, Malabar, Delhi/Agra, Dhaka, Kashmir, Kolkata, Lucknow and Lahore, are the main centers of biryani cuisine. More


imageLagman, a lamb and vegetable noodle dish, is one of several signature Uzbek dishes, along with plov (lavish rice and lamb pilaf,) samsa (tandoor baked savory pastries,) manty (steamed dumplings,) and kebabs. Uzbekistan, a Central Asian country, is a part of the historically rich region that was overrun by several empires, from the Persian Samanid and later Timurid dynasties, to the Russian monarchy, to the Soviet Union. The traces of each marked this land, leaving its imprints in its peoples, its traditions and its food. Lagman is a case in point. Brought to Central Asia by Chinese speaking Muslims, this dish shares many similarities with East Asian noodle soups. There are many varieties of lagman, ranging from the simple tomato and potato versions that we usually make here in Saudi Arabia to lo mien like stir fries, and to luxurious preparations in which noodles are pulled to be as thin as silk threads. More

Rice with Chicken (Mandi)

imageMandi, also known as Hanneth, is the traditional dish of Hadhramaut  and many other Yemeni cities. It is now very popular in the rest of the Arabian Peninsula and in many other Arab countries, such as Egypt and Syria. The word mandi comes from the Arabic word nada, meaning dew, and reflects the moist ‘dewy’ texture of the meat. More

Egg Rolls

imageI love egg rolls!  Even as a child, I have always had this fascination of  looking at rolled eggs with meat  and cheese inside.  When I was working in Brunei Darussalam, we used to order egg rolls with chopped mushrooms inside, simply irresistible!  I remember eating them in breakfast and dinner, I just can’t get enough of them.  I used to see my friend Heng make these egg rolls by frying one egg, then spreading chopped mushroom inside and then sprinkling some cheese. More

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